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“In today’s world it is hard to find contractors that will go above and beyond to make sure their customers are satisfied with a job.  Mike Sharp not only was our contractor, who took care of every aspect of our kitchen remodel, but he has become a good friend in the process.   We spoke with at least 5 other contractors and obtained quotes from them.  We fell in love with Mike’s design, we felt comfortable with Mike from the start, and we got the best bang for the buck with him as well.  

We started our remodel in January 2013, which included complete demolition of our old kitchen all the way down to the studs.  Mike took down walls, ceiling and designed our new kitchen.   Our total remodel took longer than expected but it was the fault of our cabinet company (we did not use Mike’s recommendation…big mistake).  Mike, however, went above and beyond to make sure that the cabinets were installed as soon as they finally came in.  He did a beautiful job from the cabinet installation, to the wood floors, the tile install and finally the columns. 

The one thing that I liked most (other than the final result) was the fact that if Mike’s crew was in our home, Mike was there, too.  He never left his crew unattended and he paid very close attention to every detail that went into our kitchen, including but not limited to having to rebuild the bottom support of our cabinets.  Mike spent hours with us picking out appliances and going over every detail making sure we were completely satisfied in the end, and we ARE!  We love our kitchen and there are days we just sit back and look at it.  We never thought we would have a kitchen like this and thanks to Mike Sharp, we have better than we ever expected.  I cannot say enough about Mike’s work ethic and his attention to detail.  He treated our home as if it were his.  We are so happy that we ended up choosing Mike.”


Kim and Carol Cormany





"Mike Sharp and his team are the complete package, from concept, design through construction. They provide quality service, the personal touch with outstanding results.  We have partnered with KNJ Constriction for two major renovations. The first was a major addition to our house and the second a complete master bath remodel. In both instances Mike worked with us to make sure we were meeting the goals of each project in a cost effective manner.  We have been very pleased with the outcome of both projects and would not hesitate to partner with KNJ on future endeavors."


Mark & Donna DiCarlo





"Michael Sharp is “KNJ Construction.” He is a one man team that will provide an honest, detailed assessment of your home project at a very competitive price. He will provide a pre-construction concept drawing for larger construction. Smaller projects need only close consultation with the homeowner. In return for his excellent pre-construction/modification advice the homeowner can look forward to the following regarding Mr. Sharp and his work ethic:

1.      An honest licensed contractor who thoroughly knows his trade and does what he says he will do.

2.      He will be on the job site everyday of the project. There will be no substitutes. When you hire him he will be there.

3.      He will hire all required sub-contractors and they will be under his direct orders. He only hires the most qualified to do the necessary job that he would not be able to do.

4.      All sub-contractors will deal directly with Mr. Sharp on all matters; at which time only Mr. Sharp will consult with the homeowner.

5.      Mr. Sharp will be on the job from the start of each day and will not leave until the site is secure, clean, and ready for the next days work.

In my and my wife’s opinions Mr. Sharp is the most competent, reliable and knowledgeable contractor that we have ever been associated with. We are delighted with the entire project that he constructed for us. Along with his excellent work we were beneficiaries of his long term knowledge of the construction business thus providing us with numerous ideas to enhance the project and at times to even save us money. His prices are extremely fair considering the outstanding quality of his work and his friendly and charming demeanor. We would not be more pleased with his performance and the results of our project. We highly recommend him for anyone looking for quality work and a down to earth genuine, hardworking, and honest contractor."


Grant and Beverly Dannelly